About us .

The Calm Cabin , came about as a way of trying to live a calmer life and leaving the crazy full time working Rat Race, also needing more time to be around for my elderly Dad who came to live with us in late 2019. With the following months bringing the Covid Pandemic into our lives and for some making times even more stressful , I felt that I needed to do something to try and make a change in my life and subsequently making a difference to other peoples lives. The Calm Cabin gift store is because I personally Love giving gifts and I like Lovely things. Never underestimate what a small gift can mean to someone. Its not what you say its what you do. The book store will be mainly full of second hand books and a few new , they will be mainly books for self help and some just regular novels , as often just getting lost in a book can be amazing for calming and mental health. Eventually as the business evolves and i build my very own Cabin , I will also be offering Reiki treatments , as there is nothing better for unwinding , calming and aiding stress. 

We are very much all about taking care of yourself , loving yourself , being kind, being happy and being Calm. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

We welcome you in .